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Legendary Entertainment Group has been in the business of creating amazing and Legendary events since 2000. In the early days the owner Eric Sears was given the opportunity to work on some fun and amazing projects for some large corporations in the capacity of lighting designer and was also asked to give his input into the overall scenic look or design of the corporate events he was hired for (Pictured right).

This was the launching pad that developed into where Legendary is today as one of Southern California's leading companies providing Event Producing, Event Design, Production Management, Original Content Creation
and many other categories that make up a typical corporate event.

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When it comes to producing an event for you, it is important to have a team of people who are creative and will not only give their all for your project but will also feel like they are a part of a team and the bigger picture. In this case the bigger picture is that the audience watches, listens, learns and enjoys their experience at your event.

For this reason Legendary is only interested in working with a personally selected group of people who understand that there might be long hours, changes in the planning and execution and many little details that make up an event.

We have a group of between 8 and 10 hard working individuals who meet these requirements. All of whom are experts in their fields of Audio, Lighting, Video and set design and construction. Each of these individuals are people we have had long standing relationships with who will “Have our back” when things get our of control.

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In this world of instant access where communication between countries takes seconds instead of days or minutes, Legendary is often in situations where we want to tell everyone what amazing and exciting projects we are working on.
However we also understand that our clients may prefer to fly under the radar and not have their events shared in the world of social media.
This is something that we understand and take very serious.
All of the people that work with us are told in advance that using social media on any Legendary event is not allowed unless permission is given in advance by the client.

This may seem like a non issue but in recent years there have been occasions where people without thinking will tweet, instagram or use another type of social media tool to share photos of where they are and what they are doing without hesitation. Then almost as quickly the post hits the TV news networks and before you know it there is a much bigger PR problem to deal with.
So rest assured that all of us at LEG understand this business concept completely.


The world of event producing has many many players and there are many types of companies that are in this space from the “concept to completion” types to the “less hands on” types

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Here is how it all breaks down

1. We meet with you at the very beginning or inception phase of what you are going to attempt to communicate at your event.

2. We go out and inspect the venue with you or for you.

3. We help create all of the room layouts to determine seating size for general sessions and dinner banquets.

4. We help you with your ideas and show designs and help determine if what you want to do can be done in the chosen venue.

5. We will create staging ideas from simple to complex based on your expectations and budget.

We will work directly with all of the departments that are a part of your event and by doing so we create one person who is the leader or producer for the entire onsite event experience. This allows your team of people at your corporation to do what they are hired to do each day which is work for your company.

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Most corporate events utilize corporate staff members to help with the event but they also have a full plate of things to do when the event is over and before it begins.When you bring Legendary in we try to take all of that responsibility off of their shoulders and put it on ours. We are here to support all of your ideas and creations no matter how small or big they are.

If your event is very simple but has a large audience with people sitting way in the back of the room we will help determine if a video camera and a screen or two is needed to make sure that the people far away from your presenter are still able to see what is happening.

Something to Consider

You might think that your event is so simple that all you need is some hotel risers to create a small stage for your boss or guest speaker to stand on. But if your audience is bigger than 30 people you are going to need some speakers and a microphone. If you do decide that you need a stage you will have the hotel set the stage for you and then when you arrive and see that the stage is old and doesn’t look good anymore, that is when laying a nice carpet on top and adding some plants and a back curtain can change a simple event into something that looks professional without spending a lot of money.


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Lighting Companies: There are lighting companies that just do lighting very well for your event and will not get involved in the overall look of your project. They only think about what the audience will see when they enter the room in regards to how cool the lights look.

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Sound Companies: Most sound reinforcement companies only do audio and so you will need to still hire lighting and scenic as well as video and powerpoint vendors.

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Scenic Companies: Scenic companies or set design companies will never deal with audio but may have a lighting person that they know or can recommend.

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Mom & pop style AV companies or Dj’s: In almost every situation using a Mom & Pop type of company or DJ for your event can be problematic. They usually have a few speakers and a couple small lighting trees with disco style lighting and are mainly there for dancing types of events or weddings.

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Video production companies: Video companies are really good at creating video content that will be seen or played back on a TV. But when it comes to creating videos that will only be played back in a big hotel ballroom or arena, they often don’t think about what things will sound like or look like when they are in this type of location being projected on very large video screens.


Cookies ? Did somebody mention cookies.
A very long time ago when the owner of LEG Eric sears was lighting a commercial with a well known actress as the spokesperson he made from scratch chocolate chip cookies as a gift to the actress. She ate one cookie and was so impressed that she suggested the he sell them as a side business. Since then Eric has perfected his recipe even more and has decided that as a thank you to his client he enjoys whipping up a batch after the event ends as his way of showing his appreciation for their decision to bring LEG on as there event company. As long as the mixer keeps working Eric will continue this tradition.

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